Elopement and intimate wedding photographers based out of Seattle, Washington.

Say hi to your newest BFF’s.

is our first
love, and it’s
one of the first things that brought us together.

For a long time it was only film, and only landscapes, and then we discovered what it feels like to capture human connection.

In this we have found our calling.

Preserving your most unguarded moments forever.

the bride and grooms hands on their elopement day in Arches National Park, UT
Astral photohraphy of the milky way taken in Utah

Human connection is what truly makes this world go ‘round, to love and be loved.

We all know it’s the good stuff, 

the stuff that makes this world 

a better place.

One compliment we received from 

one of our clients kinda shifted the

way we view what we’re doing here. 

She said:

“Y’all made magic for us,
and everyone needs magic.”

We want our photos of you

to be a window into a moment of

powerful connection and memories, 

your little piece of magic. 

a couple play guitar together during their Trillium Lake Mt. Hood, OR couples session
A bride and groom silhouette at Independence Pass, CO on their elopement day

You only have one life and we want to document that well.

So you can show your grandkids how badass you guys were back in the day.

This is your legacy.

We’re about so much more than the moment we show up with a camera. We want to be more than that to you. We want to be friends. We want this to be a collaborative experience, for you to feel like you are being given back a little piece of you and your magic when you get your photos.

Come to us as who you truly are

and let’s craft the most perfect and meaningful experience together for you.

But first, a bit about us.

a bride and groom detail shot from their Ruby Beach, WA elopement
a film photo from Ruby Beach on the Washington Coast


I’m an Canadian living in Seattle primarily (we travel a lot) and this photo was taken on one of the best days of my life (story below.)

I live life wearing my heart of my sleeve and I think that’s what I give couples – I give them my heart.

Loves: reading, writing, journaling, hiking, yoga, Skyrim, late 60’s/early 70’s, classic rock, road trips, photographing people and landscapes (especially on film), dogs.

getting into: bouldering, hiking harder hikes, questing, zero waste.

hates: social media, burgers, coffee, large crowds.

a film photo from Rattlesnake Lake in Snoqualmie, WA



Loves: hiking, snowboarding, skateboarding, video games, dogs, motion graphics and video editing, Star Wars, burgers, coffee, classic rock.

Getting into: Reading more, bouldering.

Hates: when people put their tongue in between their teeth when they smile

a portrait of a dog in the grass


Depending on the situation you may or may not see the elusive Gertie. 

She is a rescue and we love her to pieces, but she is definitely a challenge when it comes to strangers/other dogs when on leash. 

We’ve been working on training her, but unfortunately due to suspected abuse, she will probably always be a little bit complicated. 

That being said, she is as quirky as they get, and what drew us in was her underbite and her shelter given name, “Yoda”.

What brings us together:

As I wrote in my vows to Luke, whatever our two souls are made of, his and mine are the same. When we fell in love at 18 and 21 we felt cosmically connected and have been attached at the hip pretty much ever since. We love classic rock, like… a lot. It’s one of the main things that brought us together #ledzepforever. Our record collection is pretty impressive, but we’re biased. If we were rich I’m pretty sure we would have a Beauty and the Beast style record library. We love dogs, good tv and movies, video games, being outdoors, family, board games, thrifting, travel, and photography. We have been toting around cameras with us since we first started dating, capturing the landscapes and moments that are so precious to us.  In fact, majority of the photos on this page are from those times. We are both Jesus lovers, and we feel most connected to God and each other when outdoors, which is why we chose to elope on a beach that meant the world to us and our story. We’re forever makeout buddies who have big dreams. We both thrive feeling validated in our aspirations and having creative freedom. In 10 years we could see us having some land and a small cottage style home filled with thrifted gems, 10 rescue dogs, and a huge library of books and records. We would also of course have a rad adventure rig for big stretches away from home and a ramp in the backyard for Luke to skate on.

a film portrait of a couple laying in the grass in Seattle, WA

An Important part of our story:

A film photo of a couple at Poo Poo Point in Issaquah, WA

We met at a small bible school on the west coast.

We started off as really good friends, and big shocker to absolutely no one: it turned into more.

What drew us in was good conversations, a shared taste in music, creative pursuits, and similar ideas of how we wanted our lives to be.

After bible school we dated long distance for a couple years, and our visits were filled with lots of making out and lots of adventures.



Something that became apparent early on in our relationship was that Ruby Beach in Washington was a really special place to us. 


A silhouette of a couple at Poo Poo Point in Issaquah, WA

Weirdly, I (Meg) had heard bout Ruby Beach on the Washington Coast in high school when I saw photos from a schoolmates vacation they had posted on facebook. Living in Ontario, and having a very limited view on the world being so young, I couldn’t even fathom that beauty like this exited in North America. For some reason, going there became a focus for me and I was crushed when I found out that Washington state was not Washington D.C. (yes, it never occurred to me that the ocean couldn’t exist inland) and that it would be way more of an ask to get my parents to take me there than I thought. A close friend of mine knew I was obsessed with this random beach in a faraway land and used his creative talents to do a painting for me of the beach that hung in my room from 10th grade onward.

One day years later at the school we were both attending Luke and I were shooting the breeze and Ruby Beach came up. He mentioned that he thought he had been there before, and suddenly the dots connected for me that Luke lived in WASHINGTON and that maybe someday we could go there together. 

A photo of a couple at Deception Pass, Whidbey Island, WA
A film photo of the redwood forest in northern California

The following Christmas Luke and I went to Ocean Shoes, WA with Lukes family when I was visiting him for Christmas break. His mom and I were chatting and the beach came up. I mentioned how I knew it was somewhere in Washington, but wasn’t exactly sure where. She said it was only 2 hours from where we were! I literally exploded with happiness and immediately grabbed Luke so we could set off. 

Largest cedar tree in North America, Washington Coast

The Washington coast, especially close to the peninsula, is other worldly. It’s fog that is permanently clung to it’s towering tree tops and it’s small towns that are unpretentious. It’s a world that looks like it was painted in the rich greens of an artists palette and it’s a book lovers dream.

A film photo of Ruby Beach on the Washington Coast

The beach was a rugged, mystical, magical dreamland, everything I hoped for and more.

Over the years, we visited the beach on my trips to see Luke in Washington, and it was even where he proposed. 


When it came time to get married, the location for the ceremony wasn’t much of a discussion. Even though we had never heard of an elopement outside the outdated notions associated with it, an elopement was what we chose. We walked down to Ruby Beach with the most important people to us, in a place that meant so much to our story and said our vows as it misted rain and the wind blew fiercely in July. We told each other our hand written vows and afterwards we were baptized together in the pacific ocean. It was perfectly us. 

And this is our greatest hope for you.

We hope that your day is everything you could have ever wanted and more. Whether it takes place at a beach you’ve been dreaming of since you we’re 15 or it’s filled with teary vows on a mountaintop, we hope that it’s just as unique as you guys are.

A film photo of Ruby Beach on the Washington peninsula
A film photo of Ruby Beach on the Washington Coast


A couple holding hands during their couples session at Bryce Canyon National Park, UT


a couple walking during their couples session at Trillium Lake in Oregon

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the bride and groom kissing during their elopement at Independence Pass, CO

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