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a silhouette of a bride and groom during their elopement on Independence Pass, CO

These two adventure seeking babes chose the BEST spot to have their adventurous engagement session. Colorado has so many gems and is a world-class destination for elopements, intimate weddings, couples sessions, pretty much anything photography related.. Everywhere you look is sprawling mountains and fields of the most brilliant green.

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Becca is actually Lukes cousin and it was our first time meeting Joe. It’s kinda funny, but we took these photos while we were in town, before they were even engaged. They are very casual, low-key people and even though they weren’t engaged yet, they knew they would be soon and wanted photos to celebrate that. Honestly, these might become their elopement photos if they decide to just get married at a courthouse and count this as their day. We still have no idea, haha. We love how unconventional that is. Just going with the flow.

Since Becca and Joe are climbers and live to boulder they had a whole host of location ideas they came to us with. The location they chose was literally off the highway at 12,095’. It felt like we were cheating as we stumbled out of our van for the first time at 6am and were RIGHT IN the mountains without having to hike at all. We had driven up the night prior in complete darkness and had no idea what we were walking into.

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As we scouted around in the pre-dawn light we we’re 10/10 stoked at all the possibilities. Joe was a wealth of knowledge about everything from the soil type and where not to step to avoid hurting the native plants that had taken decades to form, what wildlife we were seeing far away on the mountainsides, and even the symptoms we were experiencing of Acute Mountain Sickness haha . It almost felt like we had our own personal tour guide. We loved it. 

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Becca was a brave soul and was wearing a very gorgeous Free People dress that she had thrifted with white ankle boots and a flower crown that she made herself. It was quirky and unconventional, just like Becca. We love when our clients wear clothes that are statements that say a lot about who they are. Before the photos started she wore a puffer jacket to keep as warm as she could in the freezing temperatures. We were at 12,095’ feet at 6am at the end of August! It was COLD.

Becca and Joe naturally brought their fur babies, and had them safely in the car while we enjoyed the first part of the morning to ourselves. When it was warmer out, we brought out the doggos and Luke and I had a blast chasing them all around. Tommy is a little rescue pug mix, who is just the most loveable little boy who has his tongue constantly sticking out. Clover is a smart lil’ sweetheart who loves her people. They are truly the cutest little family.

The day was filled with love, mountains, and pups- that’s the type of stories we want to document.

Take a listen while you scroll, we always send our couples a song when

 we deliver their gallery that we feel captures the vibe of them and their day!

Bride and groom portraits during their elopement at Independence Pass, CO
A bride and groom portrait at Independence Pass, CO
bride and groom portraits during their Independence Pass, CO elopement
A bride and groom running at Independence Pass, CO on their elopement day
A bridal portrait from her Independence Pass, CO elopement
A bride and groom having fun during their Independence Pass, Co elopement
Bride and groom portraits from their Independence, CO elopement
A bride and groom kissing during their Indepen
A bride and groom kissing during their Independence Pass, CO elopement
A bride and groom with their dogs during their elopement
A bride and groom exploring ice caves during their elopement

We love you four!

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