So, what sets us apart?

Bride and groom cuddling after their Yosemite National Park, CA elopement

It’s really important to us that we talk about what makes us different and the experience that we want to give you, because ultimately that’s what sets us apart. That’s our secret sauce. Every photographer has their own secret sauce. This is ours.

We strive to live with intention, and that shows in our work and in our relationships with people. We believe that everyday should be lived with joy and slowness and connection and gratitude and being in the moment. Your day isn’t some big idea we’re rushing to get done. This is your legacy, your life, your love, your story, and we want to do justice to that. We want YOU to do justice to that. If your going with us you are saying no to expectations, busyness and hurry. We believe love is incompatible with hurry. Let’s have your memory of your day be filled with all the good yes’ for your life’s biggest moments.

Because, that’s exactly what it is. It’s gonna be up there in your life’s biggest moments. Think about that.

We won’t be delivering what we call the perfect “grandma’s refrigerator” shots, and we aren’t the cheapest deal, and if you just want us to recreate pinterest photos, well…that ain’t us. But, the great news here is that if that is what you want, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! There is a photographer out there for everyone.

Bride and

Let’s stop making your life’s biggest moments about other people.

Your day. Your way.

Not doing certain things JUST because their family would “kill them” if they didn’t do this or that, not because, but because they want to. Trust us, we’ve been there. Let’s make this day the bestest, most YOU day of your life.

It breaks our heart when we hear couples say after the fact that they wished they would have done x, y, or z. And honestly we’ve felt some of those things from our own elopement. So, we know EXACTLY how it feels and trust us, it isn’t a great feeling.

What sounds the most fun to you? The most meaningful? What would you genuinely want to do for your wedding if you had the choice? Dream it up and then do it.

Do you want to drive to Yosemite by motorcycle and get married in a black velvet dress? Do it. Have your furry little friends by your side every step of the way? Do it. Tie the knot at a music festival? Do it. Backpack into the desert or mountains or fly to a country you’ve always wanted to go to? Do it. 

Have the drinks you like, go to the places you love, and bring the people you adore. Whatever weird and wacky ideas you want to throw our way, we want to hear it. We are in full support of making your dreams happen.

the bride and groom laugh together on their elopement day at Mt. Rainier National Park, WA

Humans are unique, their love is unique, and we get to document that. It’s a beautiful thing.

Anyone can show up with their long winded shotlists and take overly posed photos. But that isn’t want we want for you, and we’re guessing you don’t want that either and that’s why you’re here.

bride and groom portraits after their vows at God's Thumb, Otis, Oregon coast

We want these photos to be a window into a moment that brings back all the feels for you.

When you’re fighting, when you’re tired, when you’re old, when real life happens and you don’t always feel the feels; we want our photos to bring ‘em right back and speak the truth loudly of why your hearts beat for one another.

Bride and groom portraits during their elopement at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, CA

So, what do we bring to the table?

A bride and groom laughing during their Yosemite National Park, CA elopement


Our creative vision, the comfort, the laughs we bring, help with the details, and our heart. Even though you may feel overwhelmed by all the details you have to sort out, these photos are one of the only things that will last past the actual day. They will be a window into your memories. Photos will only increase in value with time.

Our creative vision, the comfort, the laughs we bring, help with the details, and our heart. Even though you may feel overwhelmed by all the details you have to sort out, these photos are one of the only things that will last past the actual day. They will be a window into your memories. Photos will only increase in value with time.

A bridal portrait from her elopement in Sacramento, CA

couple things you should know.

I think we’ve made our point by now that being a good fit as photographer and client brings about our best work, and that the experience we have together strongly impacts how you will reflect on your photos. It’s pretty important. So here are just a couple things to keep in mind:

1. Rest easy knowing you don't have to have that FIRE "blue steel" look down pat.

* I mean, props if ya do. But not necessary. *

We’re all about comfort, laughs, and connection. We’re not gonna ask you to do awkward half smiles while we dictate the position of your every limb. The stuff that calls to us are the little fleeting in-between moments of connection, the ones that give us goose bumps when editing. Don’t worry, we’re not gonna leave you stranded in front of the camera so that you are standing around awkwardly wondering what you should do,  but it’s incredibly important to us that you two are present and comfortable. That’s when the magic happens and people can feel who you are and your love radiating from your photos.

2. You’re unique, and your photos will reflect that.

Because not every landscape is the same, or every couple. There are so many little artistic choices we make along the way to ensure we feel that the photos you are receiving reflect your guys magic. This means we don’t stick to one specific style or color palette. 

3. We are very intentional about who we work with and the work we do.

Most photographers burn out after a decade or so, and we don’t want this to be us. We want this spark of creativity to live long. We’re very intentional about work/life balance and making our job work for our lives, and not the other way around. If taking on less clients means that we won’t be the most wealthy or well known, we’re all for it. What it does mean is that each client truly gets all of us, all of our attention and love and creativity. And so do our families, and community, and most importantly- our dog. Therefore we do have limited availability.

Bride and groom and their dog walking around on their elopement day in Boulder, CO

So, if there is anything you take away from this, we hope it’s that you understand that

it is so, so much more than just photos to us.

it’s your legacy.

Let's make some frickin' magic together.

Feel free to reach out with any questions

and let’s plan something cool.

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Feel free to reach out

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