We answered the most frequently asked questions we get! Take a minute and read through them, if you still have more questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

What role do
you both play
in the business?

Meg brings the direction; Luke brings the vibes. I’m usually asking you to do weird things while Luke is cracking a joke to help ease your pain. Joking, haha. But, also, kinda serious? Meg edits the photos, and is the one to answer emails and do scheduling, Luke does the driving, and the techy stuff to do with offloading photos and backups. Meg is generally the first shooter, Luke is generally the second shooter, but it really depends on the situation. We feel it out and do what is best based on each situation, because each couple is different.

Where are you
based out of? Do couples ever travel
to you guys for

While we technically live in the Seattle area, we travel frequently for work, pleasure, and to visit my (Meg’s) family in Canada. We think Washington is the cat’s pajamas, and so do a lot of our couples. There are ALL the options for whatever adventure you’re looking for. We have lakes, mountains, the ocean, national parks, hot springs, some pretty neat desert(y) areas, and a literal rain forest! All this to say, it’s a pretty neat area for a mini vacay. We also LOVE travel and would happily do so for our clients.

A couples dog on their motorcycle during their couples session in Red Rock Canyon, CO
A couple sitting on their RV in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

What does a couples session entail?

A couples session could be anything from a hike, to driving to a cool overlook, to running around on the beach, to chilling at home drinking coffee in bed with your doggos. There are no rules, and our vote is always for whatever will make you the most present and feels the most “you”. You might have a favorite spot and know exactly where you want to go, or you could be open to suggestions and trust me when I say location scouting is one of our favorite parts of the job. The occasion could be for an engagement, an anniversary, maternity, or just because why the hell not.

How many photos will I get?

We don’t like to put numbers on it because we don’t want to limit the amount of photos we give to you. Naturally there will be more photos delivered for more involved/lengthier shoots like intimate weddings and elopements than couples sessions. You will always have more than enough photos to cherish, trust us. We don’t hold back.

How long have
you both been photographers?

We have both been into photography since we were in high school and did some more informal gigs over the years. We started getting into elopements, intimate weddings, and couples sessions seriously in late 2018/early 2019.

What is your turn around time?

We try and find the balance between not taking forever to get your images back to you, but also not skimping on making sure every image gets all the attention it needs. For couples sessions, our turn around time is 3-4 weeks and 5-6 weeks for elopements/weddings. In these estimates we try to account for holidays, how packed our schedule is, and travel. We also make a habit out of sending out sneak peeks within a few days so that you have something to hold you over in the meantime.

Couples portraits in Sacramento, CA
Bride and groom portraits from their elopement in Jackson Hole, WY

Do you give raw, unedited images?

No, Everyone has their own unique style, and if you go with us, we’re hoping it’s because you were drawn to ours! We think photos are only halfway done without the final touches that editing brings. We promise to go thoroughly through our images and get the best of it all and some quirky ones in there too, and if there are any images you feel we left out, reach out and ask!

How do payment schedules work?

For weddings and elopements we require a 30% retainer for us to hold your day on our calendar, and the remaining 70% is due 3 months in advance. For our couples sessions, we are currently accepting the full payment to secure a spot on our calendar. When we increase prices we may change this policy, and if you have any specific reasons why you cannot pay the full amount upfront, then contact us and we will see what we can do!

Can you photoshop us?

I (Meg) understand this question 100% as someone who has struggled a lot with body image, but we promote body positivity over here! If you are very self conscious about something in particular please let us know and we will do our best to be aware of that. As for the editing side- we are more than willing to take out any skin blemishes or anything that wouldn’t normally be there (bruises or cuts, etc) unless you would like for us to leave it in!

What if we need
to cancel or
reschedule our
shoot or wedding?

Ah, this one is never an easy one to answer. On our end when we say yes to a client, we are saying no to others who wanted that date as well. If you end up moving or canceling it, that’s a lot of income and business lost for us. On our clients end, it’s a major bummer if something comes up that was unforeseen and there is no other option than rescheduling. Our currently policy is that if you have already put a deposit down on a date and then must move it or cancel it, that deposit is legally non-refundable and a new deposit would have to be made in order to secure a new date with us. 

Bride and groom portraits from their elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
A bride drinking a beer on her elopement day in Mt. Rainier National Park, WA

What happens
if you guys
couldn't make
it to our wedding?

Although we’ve never had this happen and this would be our literal worst nightmare where things we’re out of our control (illness, death, etc) we would fully refund your money if we couldn’t make it.

What if the weather is bad?

This one is tough. It’s easy to say “embrace mother nature”, but sometimes that just doesn’t work. In most circumstances that is our policy. Unique weather can help in creating even more beautiful and memorable experiences. There are exceptions to this though. Those would be if the weather is life threatening, or bad enough that it would either ruin our gear or make for a really unpleasant experience. In this case, if we can reschedule, we totally will!

How does
covering travel expenses work?

We 100% understand budget restraints and have been there ourselves. A photographer is a vital and expensive part of a wedding/elopement, and tacking on travel costs on top of that can feel intimidating, but don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered. Here’s what we do to make shipping us around more affordable:

We feel like every photographer has a different travel policy- and this is what is currently working for us. We book the flights, hotels, rental cars (if needed) or figure out our approximate gas mileage and send you an invoice. The invoice is due within 1 week of billing. We take care of our food and any extras.  

We will NOT surprise you. We will always confirm these details before booking them! We like to find deals. We won’t be taking you for a ride and flying first class, but we won’t be sleeping in dingy gross motels either. 

To get a more approximate understanding of the travel fees, contact us and let us know the location your thinking of and we can shoot some pricing your way!

Bride and groom holding hands at their Arches National Park, UT elopement
Bride and groom holding hands during their Rocky Mountain National Park elopement in CO

How many people are considered an elopement and how many people are considered an intimate wedding?

We consider an intimate wedding to be 50 people and under and an elopement is 15 guests or less.

Do you only
shoot elopements,
intimate weddings
and couples sessions?

The short answer, yes. But, sometimes we make exceptions for traditional weddings (or your wedding # just exceeds the cutoff numbers we give) so if you have any inquiries feel free to shoot us a message here and we will see if we are the right fit!

We want to get married, but don't
have a specific
place in mind,
can you help us
find a location?

Uhm, YES. This is literally one of our favorite parts of the job. We LOVE location scouting and finding out of the way places. We love spending time on our road trips or travels exploring and scouring hidden corners. You didn’t want to say your vows in front of 200 people, so lets keep it that way, ok?

How far in advance should
we book you?

Since our travel plans and pricing is constantly evolving, we generally don’t book more than 12 months in advance (exceptions being international destinations). Stateside weddings can be booked anywhere from 3-12 months out and if a last minute idea works with our schedule, then more power to ya! But don’t bank on that.

Couple holding each other during their Cape Kiwanda, OR couples session
Bride and groom portrait from their Yosemite National Park, CA elopement

Do you offer
full weekend coverage?

YES, our elopement was a multiday affair filled with family, board games, some good beer, a lot of laughs, and the incredible Washington coast. It was everything to us. It meant the world to us to have our people there around us, and truthfully, we WISH we would have had someone there to capture the magic. We are story tellers and we want to tell it all– the before & after and in-between and all. This type of coverage works great with camping situations, music festivals, traveling to a destination with family/friends, or backpacking to a location. Let us capture it all.

Do you travel internationally?

Yes, we LOVE to travel and have a whole bucketlist of places we would be 100% stoked about getting to shoot at. Check out our info and rates for the base package you want, and then the travel expenses are added on as explained above. Message us for more specific details.

What is my deliverable?

You will be delivered high quality color corrected JPEGS to an online gallery that you can download. You are given personal printing rights along with your gallery, so no, you do not have to print through us. Through the gallery we use you have access to one of the best printing labs in the US that offers everything from professional quality prints, calendars,  archival heirloom albums, and more.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not. All such factors go into our pricing: money invested into camera equipment, money and time invested into training and courses, how much time it takes to communicate with our couples to help them plan their wedding/session, how much time it takes to travel to locations, how much time it takes to photograph our couples, and perhaps the biggest of them all is the time it takes to edit. There are other factors as well, but this is the gist of it. This is how we make our living, this is our art, and this is your legacy. If we aren’t within your price range, we are sure that there is a photographer out there who is!

Bride and groom walking during their Seattle intimate wedding, WA
Same sex couples portraits

Do you guys work with same sex couples?

Yes, everyone is welcome here. 

What do we wear?

Don’t worry, we got ya covered with a “What to Wear” guide we will shoot over.

If you’re wondering, and it wasn’t covered in our FAQ, reach out, no matter how wild your ideas are. 

Those usually turn out to be our faves.

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