5 Creative Ways to Get Hitched During COVID-19

It’s tough times out there right now for everyone. 

We want to make things a bit easier for those of you who have had to cancel their wedding plans or reschedule. 

First though, some thoughts from our hearts to yours.

We really want to offer some encouragement to all the couples who have had to postpone their wedding plans. 

We encourage you to not feel any guilt or shame over feeling sad about your day having to be postponed. It’s real, and it’s healthy to name it and grieve it. 

Everyone is going through their own share of difficult things, but that doesn’t mean your struggles are any less valid. 

Meg and Luke Jones from Jones Creative Co

We also want to say that your day will come. You might have to rearrange some things, or it may look entirely different than what you originally planned for, but it will come. 

We encourage you to use this time to really reflect and look at what matters most to you and your loved one. Come out of this with the strongest sense of what is important to you & yours. 

Lastly, we encourage you to look at this as a postponement and not a cancellation. Try not to let the sadness of the situation going on in the world snuff out the joy of getting to marry your best friend.

There will be an end to this. You will have an incredible day when it does come. We’re here for you, and we’re in full support of making your dreams happen.

Dates, locations, etc are all fun of course, but the core of a wedding is promising to chose to love one another through the good and bad. Lean on each other and live that out now. 

You won't regret it.

Now onto the list!

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Photography by Allison at Finding Eden Photo

1. Backyard Intimate Wedding or Elopement

Did you lose money on your deposits? Aren’t ready to take the plunge yet for hefty deposits on more vendors? Do you know someone with a dope backyard?

If you answered yes to these, maybe a backyard ceremony and reception with a small number of family & friends (keeping in line with your local governments group size limits) would be a good fit for you.

After the stress of these last few months, I think a lot of people might be feeling something super lowkey. 

And it really doesn’t get much more low key than this.

If you are worried about it looking tacky and just not it, then use this wedding photographed by Allison at Finding Eden Photo for some inspo! I mean, come onnnnn. Magical.

live stream wedding

2. Live Stream Your Wedding or Elopement

It’s honestly really heart breaking that you can’t have some of the most important people in your lives to celebrate with you.

A creative option we’ve seen floating around lately are live stream weddings. 

It might sound odd, but it can be a really great option for people who are really community oriented or have a lot of family and are not willing to cut the numbers down, but also want to be socially conscious.

No, it’s not the same as having your guests there in person. 

But, it can be a really great option to still have your guests in attendance, even if it is virtual.

Plus, it would be an interesting story to tell the grandkids some day!

Check out this article by Wandering Weddings for inspo and some tips for live stream weddings.

courthouse wedding

Photos taken by Cassie & Michael at The Warmth Around You

3. Bringing Back the Courthouse Wedding

In areas where this is possible, this could be a great option. Very simple & sweet.

Some courthouses are also gorgeous historic buildings, all the better!

This is also definitely one of the most budget friendly options.

campground wedding

4. Campsite Wedding or Elopement

As camping is starting to open up all over, this can be a great budget friendly option that is also cute as heck.

This was already a very desirable option pre-coronavirus and now even more so.

With a lot of campgrounds limited capacity openings there is also potential to have a lot more privacy then normal.

Because of this limited capacity, we definitely suggest to GET ON IT if you want a campground wedding. Spots will fill up super quick.

Luckily, since it’s not a new idea like live-stream weddings, there are so many cute blogs out there for inspo on how to pull it off properly.

5. Outdoor (Adventure) Elopements

Full discolsure, we’re definitely biased. But an outdoors elopement is our favourite of all the options.

Pandemic or no pandemic, this is what we do for a living. We love it. It’s a wedding boiled down to it’s core.

Did you know that outdoor photography is recommended by the government right now in light of the Coronavirus?

Group size limits vary depending state to state, heck, even county to county. But an outdoor elopement can be one of the most socially responsible options right now.

Never considered an elopement before? We highly recommend you check out our experience page to see the reasons why we love them so frickin’ much.

And if a beautiful sunrise mountain elopement appeals to you, check out the blog of this elopement for all the inspo.


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